A Toronto transplant struggling with guilt, relationships, and the life she left behind.

Driven by performance, Trouble Will Find Her explores the struggling journey of Julia, and her escape to a new city. Directed by Nickolas Duarte at Crown Chimp Films who previously brought us ‘Sea Change‘, the film charms us with a visual tone that mirrors the protagonist’s journey.

I had a commercial shoot in Toronto last year and I met some really great people while prepping it. I pitched a handful of those people (the producer, casting director, lead actress, cinematographer, and a PA) this film and they all happily jumped aboard. We shot it over the weekend before the commercial shoot and I paid for the raw costs with my per diem. It was really exciting to work with that team on both a mainstream broadcast spot with a larger crew and then also on a skeleton crew, guerrilla style short film. It’s just a story I wanted to tell. The main goal with the film is to just have it exist and get eyes on it.

The film sets a rather troubling and intimate tone that leads us to find some compassion to even the seemingly guilty. Brilliantly transcribed and utterly performed by Sarah Horsman, we are calmly left on the edge of discovery throughout.