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A perpetual cycle of sacrifice and violence explored through the lens of fantasy and myth.

ORION, an ambitious project rooted in childhood curiosities and a passion for exploring otherworldly realms, has unveiled its captivating premier trailer. Created and directed by the visionary Ash Thorp (Edifice, Lost Boy, Evinetta) in collaboration with Hydra Studios, and featuring an original score by Aeph & Pilotpriest, this short film aims to redefine the medium’s zeitgeist by offering a unique and evocative experience. With a blend of fantasy, myth, and introspective storytelling, ORION delves into the eternal cycle of sacrifice and violence, providing viewers with a glimpse into a larger world of wonder and intrigue.

Unveiling a Glimpse of the Enigmatic World

Months of focused effort and hard work have culminated in the birth of ORION’s premier trailer. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the teaser serves as an entrancing window into the enchanting universe that ORION seeks to unravel. Through stunning visuals, immersive soundscapes, and a carefully curated selection of scenes, viewers are transported into a realm where symbolism and raw desire intertwine to create a truly extraordinary cinematic experience.

The Power of Fantasy and Myth

At the heart of ORION lies a deep exploration of the perpetual cycle of sacrifice and violence. Through the lens of fantasy and myth, the film invites audiences to contemplate the profound themes that underpin human existence. By delving into these universal aspects of the human condition, ORION aims to challenge conventional narratives, stimulate introspection, and provoke thoughtful conversations about the nature of sacrifice, its consequences, and the hidden forces that shape our lives.

An Ambitious Collaboration

ORION owes its artistic prowess to the collaborative efforts of Ash Thorp and Hydra Studios. Ash Thorp, renowned for his visionary approach and creative excellence, brings his unparalleled directorial skills to the project, infusing it with his unique perspective. The collaboration with Hydra Studios, known for pushing boundaries and creating immersive worlds, ensures that ORION breaks new ground in visual storytelling, immersing audiences in a realm that is both fantastical and thought-provoking.

An Evocative Musical Journey

Aeph & Pilotpriest, masters of sonic composition, provide the original score for ORION, enhancing the film’s immersive experience. Their evocative melodies and atmospheric soundscapes perfectly complement the visuals, drawing viewers deeper into the narrative and evoking a range of emotions. The synergy between visual and auditory elements establishes an indelible connection with the audience, elevating ORION to a truly unforgettable cinematic endeavor.