Katie is a writer, tortured by alcoholism, she has made a prison for herself in her own home. We witness Katie’s battle of self-will and where her thinking leads.

When one is too many and a thousand is never enough… ‘ONE’ is a winning script for competition ‘Challenge TRINITY’, run by Directors UK and ARRI. The brief was to tell a story in one continuous uninterrupted shot. Katie is a writer, tortured by alcoholism, we witness how she has made a prison for herself in her own home. The film is inspired by a well known saying in addiction recovery that… ‘you have less of a drinking problem and more of a thinking problem’.

‘ONE’ was a spectacular challenge. Produced by Frogspawn Film, it was essentially a ballet between the actress Joanne Bradford, the stylist, hair & make-up and a 17 strong art department to capture the entire story in one shot. It took a day and half to rehearse and we got it on take 21.

The film premiered at Regent Street Cinema, London in January 2019 and was featured at the BSC Expo (British Society of Cinematographers) in South London.

As a result of the unique narrative, how the production was achieved and the impact it is having in the recovery community, the film has had an overwhelmingly positive response. The film relates to anyone with behavioural issues but has resonated particularly well within recovery communities.

‘One’ is an exceptionally well executed film with a real dynamic touch to storytelling. The loop is different enough to keep the audience extra attentive looking out for fine details, which is a great way to keep the audience hooked. Although the ending is increasingly expected, the message that it carries through is remarkably striking and accurate according to recovering addicts.