Nineteen year old Beth needs to get her shit together. After a night of partying she can’t remember, Beth wakes up to a horrible discovery: her guitar is missing. And she’s going to get it back.

You don’t mess with drunken teenage girls. ‘Nineteen on Fire’ is a film just as chaotic as you’d expect involving a teenage punk band. Directed by Ryan Simpkins (Weekend at Bernie’s 3), we follow nineteen year old Beth as she tries to get her shit together. The story brings so much energy mixed with some slouchy teenage drag – which creates the harsh and realistic vibe that teen hood can bring. The dynamic cast lead by Harley Quinn Smithand featuring Alexa Demie (Euphoria) and Jacqueline Emerson really capturing the spirit of the story.

Director’s Vision

I wrote this short when I was 19 and considering dropping out of college. Didn’t necessarily intend to make it or even truly consider at the time what it was about, I just needed to release the frustration and exhaustion and rage and post-teenage angst I was feeling as a lost young adult existing as an artist in LA. I was a moody, messy kid, being told I was too moody and messy to make things. So I decided to make this. Nineteen on Fire is an exploration of that rage of being the youngest person in the room, dealing with gatekeeping and assault, and accepting the responsibility of your actions and how they hurt those around you, even if you can’t remember them. It’s something I’m still trying to do. But mainly, its letting this unlikable teen have fucking fun.