Officer Tony’s first day back on the beat. And it takes everything he’s got to finally face the world.

Even with short timelines short films can often pack dense stories with turbulent twists and outcomes. And other times, they can just capture that moment where your uniform just rips apart in the line of duty. ‘Housecall’ falls right along those lines, where a tiny story progression and just a few lines of dialogue is just about all we need to be satisfied. Director Josh Penn Soskin packs the punches with just the right amount of character development to move the story forward, and all marvellously lead by Peter Larney who takes the ‘stash to hearth.

Housecall was born out of my desire to make a short about mistaken identity. It was a simple, creative exercise born out of a burst of ideas around this theme with my co-writer John Hibey. In about one day we had a script, and then it was about finding people like Pete Larney and Andre Hyland to help bring it to life and fill in the spaces with these characters.