A desperate single mother needs help from father and son exorcists to save her only daughter suffering from demonic possession

On a cold winter night, William and his teenage son, Jake, enter a rundown house in northwest Detroit. Once inside, they find Mathilde. A desperate single mother who needs their help to save her only daughter suffering from demonic possession.

Silver-tongued William regales in telling Mathilde why her daughter has fallen from grace. He’s a narcissist, in love with the sound of his own voice. William is there to make a buck, not empathize with Mathilde’s plight. Jake, on the other hand, is the real talent of the twosome. Quiet and brooding, he patiently waits for his cue to begin the process of freeing the young girl from her torment. When the “job” is done, William and Jake make a quick retreat with Mathilde’s life savings in William’s pocket.

My Blood is a story about an overbearing father, his rebellious teenage progeny and their dark, supernatural connection.

After working extensively on music videos in the US with producer Michael Manasseri and director of photography Geoff George, as well as with a small group of recurring actors, we thought it was time for us to challenge ourselves with dialogue-based narration. We had directed many short films and even a feature film, in our French native tongue back in Europe, but our experience with English dialogue was limited to shorter form commercials or book trailers at the time. MY BLOOD was a way to test ourselves as directors, and the experience definitely taught us a lot.

My Blood holds itself to high standards in comparison to some horror classics. With a fantastic cast lead by John C. Forman and Jaden Eller, who truly create a vivid and toxic father-son relationship, the story pivots between violet exorcisms and sparking tensions between them. Brilliantly highlighted by DoP Geoff George who received the Emerging Cinematographer Award from the International Cinematographers Guild for his work on My Blood. Directors Julien & Ben Deka pulled off a tremendous work along with their crew. A film that certainly sets the table for a much larger story. something that the Deka brothers say is already in the works. A feature length script adapted from MY BLOOD. Looking deeper into that father and son exorcist relationship, and the eventual clash between the two. Where can we buy out tickets?