An accidental one night stand with a posh moron provides Katie with the worst morning of her life.

What may sound like a familiar story told by your best friend on a weekly basis turns out to be a wildly amusing short about Katie and the worst morning of her life. Morning After is a modern day farce set in London, England that puts the jesters hat on a female lead. Her mistake starts a chain reaction that causes immeasurable damage to her life. How the hell will she get out of this one?!

Katie has a choice: stay and bust this class A idiot to help out the sisterhood or flee like a coward. What will she do? How can her best mate who’s totally in love with her help out? And could anything else possibly go wrong? The answer is yes. Lots.

The main goal of the short is to make the audience laugh. I grew up watching farces like Fawlty Towers and performing plays by Ray Cooney and Alan Ayckbourn. The laughter of a farce is painfully infectious so I wanted to create my own version for a modern audience. I wrote the main part for my talented friend Rachel Bright who had a major part in a soap opera in Britain called Eastenders. I thought it was high time to see the jesters hat stuck on a female lead for a change to see how she might deal with what is more commonly a male scenario. I self funded it and got a little extra help from Kickstarter and my commercials production company LOVE.

With a base of familiar story lays a blurry haze of unexpected twists brilliantly played out by the main protagonist Rachel Bright, but also well supported with the rest of the cast. Jamie Maule-ffinch sets up the storyline with excellently timed puns and surprises which carefully keeps the audience intrigued to the end.