A Young boy’s discovery of a mysterious gas mask provides a glimpse into an alternate reality.

Hanmerstep’s project first caught our attention with the trailer early last year, with its dystopian futuristic genre merged with dance art. The film gave a little more than a dance routine, with an reluctant and dreamy intro which gives the choreography some narrative sense.

The film is a look into one of the narrative lines from Hammerstep’s INDIGO GREY live experience (currently in pre-production in NYC). An experience unlike any other, INDIGO GREY is a future-based, digitally immersive walkthrough experience set in a fully transformed NYC warehouse space, with an original dystopian story told through high-octane dance/martial arts/acrobatics, a live soundscape, cutting-edge interactive technologies, and a choice-based narrative for an empowered audience. The boy’s experience in the film is symbolic of the audience’s experience in the live show.

Hammerstep creates an interesting parallel connecting the live show and the film by focusing on the overall experience.