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F*ck Bunny

A young woman tries to navigate issues of intimacy in a unique relationship after a traumatic event.

F*ck Bunny is the 4th film in a filmmaker’s group rotating directorial series of 6 short films helmed by Jose Andres Cardona, Hunt Beaty, & Wesley Wingo in 2018. Watch the last film Sundays on Film Shortage and the other previous and upcoming shorts on Sixshortfilms.com. This film is definitely not to be mistaken with The Pooka (starring Chris Sullivan), which bares very similar costumes, in completely different contexts. In this little weird fantasy twister directed by Wesley Wingo, a young woman tries to navigate issues of intimacy in a unique relationship after a traumatic event.

This is the first short written by someone outside of our core team of three. Wingo was initially drawn to the concept for its potential to explore emotional cues using body language alone, being removed of the ability to read characters’ faces. Graphic novels by Norwegian artist Jason came up as an inspiration: his work navigating complexity of character with only deadpan, non-human facial expressions allowing for plot and context to key in the audience to what the characters are feeling.

In the case of F*ck Bunny, we were super interested in the juxtaposition and surprise of revealed emotions when self imposed masks are dropped. We also wanted to explore how playing roles can simultaneously serve as a release and allow for exploration of truer self, while the rigidities of the same fantasy can become a burden depriving us of intimacy.

With an excellent balance between humor, drama and lust, Wesley manages to capture the audience early on with its bizarre and naughty situation. But it’s only when the film steps away from the fantasy that we really get indulged in the psychological depth in the storyline. Despite being masked most of the time, Francesca Anderson shines through in her time given, exploding in emotions under and out of costume.

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