A lonely and disturbed man wants nothing more than to fit in and find a partner but his self-loathing and violent tendencies prevent that from becoming a reality.

Ok this one’s a little creepy, disturbing and whatever else you want to call it. But despite its outrageous and uncomfortable nature, ‘I’m Not Sorry’ holds some kind of charm, as a film.

This film came about from a place of anxiety – I didn’t fully know how deep it went during it’s conception – in a way the film told me what it was about once it was done, which I like – I worry when an artist is too exact in what it is that they’re expressing – this story and these ideas were swirling around in me and ended up being this very strange and anxious film

The spurs of anxiety through the film create the tense and uneven situations. The film takes a rather somber route to build the disgruntled character (whom was fantastically casted – and probably the next best thing to Ron Jeremy himself) but always manages to keep us in an uncomfortable grey area. As the story moves along so does the mood, and we are almost struck when things turn a little comical, lingering our feelings around on the entire situation further more.

I was about to be a father for the first time and i think there were many uncertainies in my life: what makes me think i can bring a child into the world, who am i, who do i want to be – i didnt fully realize it til i was done but a large part of this film is about the many masks we wear to get through life