Humanity makes a deal with a new client.

We always urge for originality while searching for our next featured short, and sometimes that originality just creeps up from a mix-mash from various films, ideas and settings, and other times it just comes from an old comic book. Ray Sullivan was inspired by Canadian comic book artist Simon Roy and his comic of the same name, and decided to create his own adaptation. This is a Sci-Fi story that’s not set on Earth. The story begins by dropping us into the middle of a trade deal between humans and their newest clients

I read the comic a few years ago and decided to ask Simon if I could make it into a short film. He very generously gave me permission to do so. I wanted to make it because I just loved the story and felt like there was a lot of things to explore within it. My only goal was to try and do justice to the comic which was difficult and time consuming with no funding. Overall the reaction has been very, very positive so I think I achieved that goal.

What we love is the shear absurdity that we are faced with right from the beginning, and even from the film’s poster itself: A crab-like alien creature holding an assault riffle along with a human skull on a stick on its other … tentacle(?). I mean this kind of stuff almost can’t be written – but it certainly can be drawn – and now Ray managed to prove to us that it can also be seen! The story may not be the tantalizing part here, but with so much to grasp visually our brains are gloriously entertained for five minutes – leaving us with a giant quench for more.