Burden // Featured Short Film


A Celtic warrior struggles to carry her father’s injured body to safety until she encounters an old enemy. Shot on location in Wicklow, Ireland with a small crew and its fair share of challenges, ‘Burden’ delivers a chilling ride about a Celtic warrior struggling to carry her father to safety.[…]

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Good Business || Featured Short Film

Good Business

Humanity makes a deal with a new client. We always urge for originality while searching for our next featured short, and sometimes that originality just creeps up from a mix-mash from various films, ideas and settings, and other times it just comes from an old comic book. Ray Sullivan was[…]

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The First Wave | Featured Short Film

The First Wave

The cure is just the beginning We’ve probably seen every type of zombie apocalypse film possible, but every once in a while we get a film that joyously surprises us. The First Wave did just that, with an intriguing, suspenseful and terrifying storyline, following the outbreak of an aggressive virus,[…]

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Through The Storm | Featured Short Film | Cinemagraph

Through The Storm

Tríd an Stoirm A woman forces a Banshee to guide her to the Celtic realm of Death to bring her husband back to life. Through The Storm is a majestic animated experience from Irish CG animator Fred Burdy. The bold storyline is about Alice confronting a Banshee when she is[…]

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Pairs & Spares

Pairs & Spares

When a late night bowler has his regular game interrupted by the arrival of a mystery girl, an unusual game of bowling is set in motion.

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