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Give Up The Ghost

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Bonnie and Clyde in dystopia. ‘Give Up The Ghost’ visualises a cold near-future cityscape, set against the brutalist, concrete architecture of South East London.

The four minute short film, shot on super 16mm and scored by London band Imperial Daze, depicts the story of a fugitive couple on the run in an Orwellian nightmare. It showcases outfits Inspired by stark, futuristic techwear design, styled by Thibault Maas. The film was directed by Nathan Sam Long and shot by Oliver Ford.

We wanted to make something visually bold and memorable – experimenting within a dystopian / sci-fi aesthetic. We were inspired by the architecture of South-East London – all of the brutalist tower blocks and derelict spaces that still exist. I was interested to combine this feel with the texture and colour of Super 16mm film, and experiment shooting with pace and action, on a very low budget. The film was also an opportunity to bring together and showcase some new South London talents – band Imperial Daze, stylist Thibault Maas, designer Joe Urb.

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