As a pirate enters the Kingdom of the Dead he encounters its beautiful Queen.

A simple little marvel delight to watch. Goutte D’Or is short animated masterpiece created by French director Christophe Peladan in a collaboration with Happy Flyfish Production, which takes us on a rather delightfully macabre journey of a pirate entering the Kingdom of death and coming face to face with its unusual and seductive queen.

The stop-motion animation was filmed on green screen background and took a pain staking 7 years to complete. It took a handful of animators, set builders, painters and compositors to slowly piece the short’s visual aesthetics together, not to mention all sound, music and other efforts to make this incredible film.

But the attention to detail is greatly noted, especially on mood setting elements like environment and lighting. Script details were carefully crafted as well with a beautiful and clever way to introduce the background music as part of the story. The use of shameless nudity follows thoroughly the European lifestyle and openness to the body, which is used in a seductive, but very respectful way.