A pioneering mind transfer procedure offers a quadriplegic soldier the chance of a new life… but at a terrible cost.

Mixing science fiction with a mind thriller can always result into an interesting piece. Trial, by The Brothers Lynch, whilst being a standalone short, also works as a teaser for a feature, Residual, which they hope to shoot later this year.

Trial was an opportunity for us to hone our skills before our feature directorial debut and try out some techniques as well as show potential investors exactly the kind of film they will get.

Trial is a film that engages excitement over a point of view from a self-searching character, but also creates staggering moments that bring out the pure magic out that cinema engender. The mirror shot sequence itself may seem innocent at first, but the subtle complexity of the shot allows the audience to enter a fascinating depth with the main character and the storyline. The Brothers Lynch kindly created the extensive behind the scenes video of the Anatomy of a Mirror Short, which shows the immense challenges and planning that goes behind such a scene.