A mother would do anything to make her child happy, even though it isn’t always easy

At Film Shortage we love foreign films, despite the globalization we still see different forms and styles of filmmaking according to cultures. Gianni Carella’s short film ‘Darling’ is no exception,  shot in Belgium the short is about a mother who desperately tries to take care of her teenage daughter. The relationship between the two looks odd and unnatural, but it is difficult to tell who is the cause of it.

I wanted to give the audience something to think about. What can happen to a person if they witness something they can’t handle? Or if they do something which they regret later on?

Darling effectively puns its audience to start thinking about the rights and wrongs that the daughter and mother portray, but after thinking one thing the story subtlety starts to shift in an unexpected direction.

Simple but lovely dark cinematography that engulfs the storyline perfectly, with cleverly edited flashbacks that will only come together at the very end.