A single-mother is faced with a difficult decision that will define who she is – and how she loves.

A young nurse and hard working mother sees her brother come home beaten and bloodied late night – but he said the other guy was much worse and left unconscious in the streets. Being once a victim of a vicious crime, clearly visible from the scar on her face, and only surviving due to help from strangers, she decides to go out and and help the other. There she will find out how far love can be stretched.

Con Amor is a deep film that grows with the unseen, elements and actions that happen off screen or in different times. Scratching only the surface but telling a much larger story with subtle clues, director Cole Webley draws a blurry line in between drama, love, crime and revenge. A wonderful cinematic work that is at times tender and terrifying, shot in simple but gorgeous fashion, and told in a smart and musing way. Webley made his mark world wide with his controversial 84 Lumber Super Bowl Commercial which works just as strongly on narrative as Con Amor.