The hallucinated decisions of a man, lost in his futuristic city where noise is everywhere and silence is forbidden.

Welcome to the psychedelic highs of the future. ‘Come Down’ is a world imagined by Italian filmmaker Lorenzo Nera, showing strong inspirations from epics like ‘Blade Runner‘ and ‘Enter The Void‘, but also creating sharp details that build an era on its own. The rules are simple, the music is constant and loud, and noise is forbidden. Sit back and enjoy the visual experience.

‘Come Down’ (2020) is a sci-fi short film by Lorenzo Nera. It’s subject, intended as the proof of concept for ideas to be further developed in longer projects. Goes about a dystopian future fuelled by psychoactive substances and constant rave music where silence is forbidden. The film was achieved through a very resourceful, low budget production followed by years of the director’s free time spent in post-production with the aim of experimenting extensively both technically and narratively with VFX, sound design and editing, in the search for the most stylistically appropriate ways of telling the story of Joe and showing a glimpse of the excessive world he lives in through the scope of bigger-budget film productions.