Injured dancer, Ella, is consumed by her desire to be prepared for an upcoming performance.

Forgoing rest and convalescence, Ella pushes through physical pain and mental exhaustion to perfect her routine. In doing so, she leads a solitary existence, where nothing can deter her from being the best she can be.

The Best Is Yet to Come‘ reinterprets the symbols of passion, persistence, and fragility of an athlete as a human being. It explores the never-ending pursuit for greatness and ultimately how we must be resilient and connect with both our past and present experiences to successfully move forward.

Sean (cinematographer) and I self-funded the project and it was purely a labour of love. Before writing this project, I was struggling to find time and energy to give to my own personal work, I wasn’t 100% sure what to create, all I knew is that I really wanted to show that behind every form of art, sport or business there’s a lot of hard work that goes into it. The most visual way I thought to portray this could be that of a dancer. I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of overnight success and the unknown struggle of an athlete’s resilience to achieve that success – they work extremely hard every day for their entire lives to achieve this one moment. I feel this piece tries to encapsulate that.

Sean Ryan shot on RED and lensed up with some vintage Super Balters, and minimal lighting which combined for a more atmospheric look. With the added score and sound design composed by Jonny Higgins, the film takes on an inspiring and upbeat pace from beginning to end, leaving us with such an aspiring feeling.

Originally we were going to go something more guitar driven and minimalistic but Jonny hit me with a couple of synths and things went 80’s pretty quickly. I feel like it is something unexpected and not traditional to most dance films.