A freak accident pushes two low-level suburban carpet store employees to their breaking point. Also, their boss might be a serial killer

Welcome to suburbia, where the carpet store rivalries stretch to the streets. Written by Steven Robertson & David Light, Carpetland! is an absurd story that just fits in wonderfully into the oddities of suburban life. The story develops as we witness a freak accident leaving Carpetland co-workers Tyler and Samantha responsible for the murder of Donnie, a rival carpet store employee.

There’s something a little off about the suburbs of Northern New England– you walk down the street and can just feel this massive silent darkness holding its breath, lurking behind every corner. You can see it in the eyes of retail clerks and kids on the sidewalk. There’s unspoken anger, fear, grief, and hope burning and fizzling out and burning again almost everywhere you turn. Sometimes it’s super dark. Other times it’s just so so funny. We wanted to convey that huge hidden energy through a narrative with Carpetland!. It was a blast to make and we’re stoked to have it on Film Shortage!

Things get a little spicy as a gang of Donnie’s co-workers suspect foul play and vow to investigate his disappearance. While Tyler attempts use recordings of the murder to resuscitate his comatose mother, Sam hatches a plan to frame their eccentric boss (Dildon) for the crime and usurp his position as Manager. Sam persuades Ty to help her pull it off– they hide the body in Dildon’s office, call the police on him and make a narrow escape, during which Sam ditches Tyler and leaves him behind. The next day Sam claims her promotion at work, but wonders at the price she paid for it.