Under the scorching sunshine in a barren desert, four special ops soldiers are under attack by an unknown group

C4 is an action packed short film from beginning to end filled with continuous gun fires, fights and chases. Who says action films says a barrage of clichés, and C4 is not missing any of them, perhaps only the absence of a captive girl being saved. The storyline does not go out of its way to make things complicated, four members of an elite spy and combat team
are under attack by an unknown group. According to director Behrouz Bagheri the short comes from a longer story, where the four soldiers were part of a special operation which led them to access important information. The team were under attack when their vehicle got bombed, the short film begins from this point.

But even with a simple storyline, this action film does what it is meant to do… Keep the viewer thrilled with exciting action from beginning to end! An extreme rarity in short films, and often overseen due to budget and lack of stuntmen. The team of C4 take short film action to a different level, a film that seems more like a scene straight from a motion picture. The fast pace action and fight choreography between actors is overall well timed, except for some minor noticeable hesitations, but quick enough to forget about them seconds later. The equipment also looks like real professional weaponry, contrary to most shorts where weaponry are used. On the costume side, the vigilante group could have been more credible if the ‘Fox Racing’ brand was not as evident on all the shoulder pads, something that could have been easily hidden.

Behrouz Bagheri was in visual effects for 12 years working on over 100 featured movies and series. In the last 4 years he decided to learn the science and art of film making. After meeting the Raha Stunt group, Behrouz told them about his plan for a short film, after a few discussions and meetings they decided to create ‘C4’.

This film gives us a break from the other psychological thrillers featured on Film Shortage, so sit back and enjoy the action!


Behrouz Bagheri’s visual effects demo reel