Two high school nobodies desperately searching for the biggest fight of the year… If only they could find it

Running through an absolute burst of energy. ‘Luisa and Anna’s First Fight’ is based on the three fights director Lena Tsodykovskaya has ever had. And represents the stupidity of youth as much as rock solid girl friendships. Filmed on 16mm with a fun, silly, irreverent vibe, ‘Luisa and Anna’s First Fight’ is an edgy comedy about two idiot best friends. The inspirations dig deep from Lena’s personal experiences, which turns this into a vivid experience. The mash-up of several different events ultimately recount the typical teen’s life in the most exciting of ways.

The Inspirations

Not too long ago, my fellow directors and I were discussing the idea of youth and what it represents to each of us. I was quick to realize that my youth had a face of pure stupidity and sincere sisterhood.

I was nasty as a teenager. Nasty and silly. I wore heavy boots, was obnoxiously loud, skipped school and smoked. Still do all of those things by the way. And yes, I’ve been in fights. They were incredibly silly. All three of them.

The one that never happened — At sixteen, my best friend and I ran around the neighborhood searching for a planned rumble. Only to find others like us, spreading rumors and running around trying to find the fight as well. We never found it.

The one that I wish happened as described — At twelve, my best friend and I (but mostly me) picked on the infamously ‘crazy’ girl and her friends from the year above us. This ended badly… with the girl slowly and sadistically twisting my arm until it broke. Wish my best friend saved my ass like Anna did.

The one that happened exactly as described — At eleven, after some aggressive hair pulling with my mortal enemy, I chased her into the woods with a large stick in my hand. She stopped. So did all of our peers, expecting a brutal fight. I didn’t know what to do. So I unzipped her top instead. Guess what? She stuffed.

To me this is what true friendship is — being there for each other’s most nonsensical endeavors and carrying the weight of its repercussions together

Made for the digital era

In the light of a teenage surging TV show like Euphoria, it reminds us how chaotic our teen-hoods really were. Yet, provides some thrilling vivid memories and experiences. ‘Luisa and Anna’s First Fight’ swings in the same vein as we are placed up close and centre of the absolute nonsense.

I never really decided to film this episodes of my life, it happened on its own… Like when you are in a bar with friends, an absurd memory pops in your head and you share it with people around you. This film is very much like that; a ridiculous episode that I wanted to share for the audience to have a little fun.

I am a huge fan of digital content, streaming television and the absurd amount of ridiculous things that pop up on your social media. From the very beginning I knew that as soon as I finished the film I wanted to share it online for people to see, popping up on THEIR social media. So this film was made for an online audience, which is why it’s fast-paced and music-driven, with free-spirited handheld shots and energetic editing.

The best part about this project, this nonsensical endeavor of its own, is that it was made with my two professional partners in crime. Female producers Elena Bawiec and Cynthia Jean Hajj. We are so excited to carry the weight of its repercussions together.