Just Lie to Me is a dark comedy centered around two people navigating their identities: Noah, a well-off intellectual who gets pressured by his coworker into soliciting a girl for the night and Brooke, who gets mistaken as a sex worker and decides to go along with it. The situation unfolds in a clunky interaction where both characters’ facades slowly wear away as they’re forced to examine themselves.

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Director’s Vision for ‘Just Lie to Me’

Brooke’s story explores the masks we wear and the journey of breaking free from labels. It exposes the truth of what’s really going on with people in contrast to how they appear to be to be in their environment, exposing the struggle we all have in reconciling who we are with how the world perceives us. In her encounter with Samir, their facades begin to unravel, making connection possible beyond the confines of roleplaying. For me, it’s an homage to my younger self, before I understood that you can be in charge of your own story, that you can be strong and vulnerable at the same time, but the idea of changing felt like a betrayal to myself. For a moment in time that offered a glimmer of hope that things could end up different than they always had, even if people don’t change in a day.