Brian Ferenchik

Sodium Vapor Nights // Short Trailer

Sodium Vapor Nights

On the night of an elite ritual, a daughter breaks the rules of her family’s world to gain her father’s approval.

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400 Miles // Daily Short Picks

400 miles

A girl attempts to come to terms with the fleeting nature of her current relationship. Director’s Statement 400 miles came into fruition when I sat down with writer Garrett Kim and told him I wanted to tell a story about the personal experiences I’ve had when life seems to put[…]

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Gilded || Daily Short Picks


In his first semester of college, the son of a CEO must prove his strength of character on the night of his initiation into his father’s alma matter fraternity. Director’s Statement I liked the idea of taking a fraternity initiation and flipping it on its head. Having the pledge be[…]

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