“Who The F*ck Is Jeffrey Gurian?” is a documentary short film that focuses on the career and life of Jeffrey Gurian, a fixture in the comedy world for the last 40 years. Jeffrey has worked with and around the biggest stars in comedy since the 1980s. From Dangerfield to Burle to Dice, Jeffrey has written for them. He has made films, written multiple books, and now runs a Youtube channel that features red carpet interviews with celebrities. He accomplished all of this while also running his own cosmetic dentistry practice.

The contradiction of his two professions drew attention from almost every news station in New York and he was featured in the New York Times as well. While he has since retired from his dental practice, he is still very much in the comedy world pursuing his childhood dream of being a famous comedian. This film takes a deep dive into that pursuit and tells Jeffrey’s story on a very intimate level.