29 Gold Stars is a female revenge tale about a deceitful love triangle, that ultimately delivers justice for those that deserve it.

Director’s Statement

The story spans several weeks, but the film is shot entirely in one take, with no trick edits. To show time passing, we made changes to the set, lighting, and character’s wardrobe whilst filming. This required a very complex choreography of actors, camera, and crew. Our video had a set duration of 2’45’’. I shotlisted 28 shots which I would normally extend, trim and move around in the edit. But we didn’t have an edit. I had to figure the exact length of each shot prior to shooting, whilst ensuring the combined total of all shots didn’t exceed our duration. The actors had to nail performances simultaneously. If one stuffed up we had to redo the entire take. It required extreme focus as they had as little as 15 seconds off camera to do costume changes, race to their next position and drop into a new emotional beat for the next scene. It took us 52 takes to nail it.