The push and pull of the universal breath.
Life cannot be without death.
From destruction sprouts creation.
Unable to unify without separation.
A blinding light results in a chaotic trance.
There’s a lover’s fight within a cosmic dance.

Director’s Vision

Moti proudly presents our first animated short “What’s There?”, a poignant visual meditation that focuses on the relationship between opposing universal forces and why they are nothing without the other. In this, we explore how struggle begets beauty as well as how change is the only true constant. As soon as you have life figured out, the proverbial rug is pulled from under you. Change crashes upon you without pause like waves on the bay. Bright and shining examples of human kindness are found sparkling within the warzone. Love and hate are children of the same mother. Where do torment and forgiveness meet? The universal push and pull of our day-to-day realities are magnified and ruminated upon in this cerebral animated work that plays with the very medium it’s drawn on. At Moti, we believe our perceptions shape our existence. So then what is existence? What is this primordial canvas we are layering all of our perceptions upon? How do we find out What’s There?