After a man’s life is burned to the ground, he violently hunts down the creature responsible for the destruction.

Director’s Statement

Make the Final Breath Kill is a suspenseful thriller that questions the depths at which revenge can be obtained. Going into production, I really wanted to make a story that places the audience into a moment, where our lead character is completely broken. By just supplying key pieces of information, it allows you to just feel what that character is going through. In a lot of ways, I also thought this was reflecting the tunnel vision and drive of our character’s emotional state.

Through out the whole process of making the film, we really wanted to maintain a raw simplicity to everything we did. From the music and sound design, to the look of the creature, we explored ways to make everything compact, yet very powerful. There’s a real depth to simplicity, and peeling back those layers can take you very far in a short amount of time.

As for the ending, its very much up for interpretation. I have an idea of what this story is, but it also wasn’t my intention to fill in those blanks for the audience. I love the idea that people can watch this film, and come away with completely different theories and backstories of their own. To me, it’s those types of perspectives and conversations that make art and film so enjoyable.