A young woman embarks on a traumatic journey as she overcomes an invisible force.

Director’s Vision

VIA[DOLO] was filmed during lockdown in the UK earlier this year, by 127 FILMS.

I’m a fan of concepts that purport to be one thing then turn out to be something else. VIA[DOLO] is not necessarily about a young woman’s traumatic journey through a town…I wanted to deliver a somewhat alternative message on human behaviour, reaction and survival.

Her way of suffering, with its dream-like hyper-real aesthetic, coupled with various symbolic meanings and layered metaphors, is the journey of life. From birth to beyond, represented as a surrealistic and absurd situation. It explores confusion and awkwardness, tension and beauty. It is how life knocks us back, sends us in different directions, and we’re able to either take hold of our shortcomings, or suffer and succumb to the powers that be.

I was influenced by the films of Yorgos Lanthimos, David Lynch, Andrea Arnold and Charlie Kaufman. Odd, idiosyncratic characters, unexplainable moments, and uncomfortable camera movements. Every creative decision was considered with a goal to question whether we have control in life. Is there a clear path for us to take? Is our fate pre-determined for us?

Oh, and the Latin for “Way of Suffering” is Via Dolorosa.