A young London couple are clearing plastic etc. from the banks of the Thames when she decides to take feminist action…

Director’s Vision

At the end of last year I planned to make ten 1 minute films… which it turns out is very difficult. I am blown away by anyone who creates great 1 min films. Gaspar Palacio’s film ‘H.B.’ is a brilliant example…

So my ten 1 minuters, I realised through making the first film, would become five 3 minute films and TUSCANY was that first film.

We shot it in a few hours, early morning down on the south bank of the Thames. It was inspired by my girlfriend once remarking; that were she to do as Charity Wakefield does in the film, that even though I think of myself as modern and progressive etc. I’d probably be quite upset. As if something had been taken away from me. Something I’d grown up with, and often planned and I suppose dreamed of… and at the same time I realised of course, how it wouldn’t matter, that it would be a surprise, but a wonderful one and actually how exciting a prospect it is that either side of any relationship might suddenly ask this life-changing question.

I’m very proud of this romantic and funny little film with its big comments on traditional gender roles ever-changing and how we try to adapt. Dave Newman is brilliant at this very truthful mixture of comedy and pathos, making it at once painful and funny. I love the moment he gives in to his sudden new future, because he loves her, having no idea this was about to happen; which builds the heart-warming tenderness in the last moments. I find its their silliness too which makes them so relatable.

I wanted to see how big a story I could tell in as little time as possible and London as the backdrop gives it a great cinematic setting and adds to the universality of their situation. I called it Tuscany because when editing I was sure that David Newman’s character had mentioned “her dad’s” was in Tuscany… but he doesn’t, I’d imagined it. I think it fits, and gives a sense of far off romantic ideal locations. It’s also one of the best places on earth.