In the wake of the death of her blind son – a mother takes solace in the healing power of nature

Director’s Vision for ‘Thin Place’

We are inundated with noise every single day of our lives. The worst of it occurring within our own minds. The lies we believe – about others & about ourselves. Lies intended to imprison us in a cage of guilt & shame.

For much of my work – inspired by the strong charge I received in reading Tarkovsky’s Sculpting in Time – I had long searched for a narrative to articulate this better than I could. At long last – through a friend of a friend I learned of the story of a brave mother named Jackie & the journey she went through to conquer her inner demons. While events & circumstances shifted within the writing – everything was rooted in truth.

This film is meant for anyone who has ever listened to that negative internal monologue that causes us to doubt ourselves & trick us into believing that we are anything less than what we were created to be.

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