Excited to share with you THESE PEOPLE HAVE VAGINAS a feminist parody music video, about vaginas. Think Rachel Bloom meets SNL’s Lonely Island meets a PG-rated WAP.

In a world where Big Dick Energy is praised and “pussy” is synonymous with weakness, THESE PEOPLE HAVE VAGINAS flips the script. The S Club 7-inspired music video celebrates women throughout history, who in addition to being inspirations also share one connecting thing: Vaginas.

Director’s Vision

I felt like there was still a lot of shame these days around women and their bodies/sexual health (does my labia really need to smell like an orchid?). Through the bright pink lens and unfiltered joy of the 90’s pop I grew up on, THESE PEOPLE HAVE VAGINAS explores how Vagina Energy, whether physically or figuratively (because sex and gender are not the same thing!), should be worn like a badge of honor. Women should be able to walk to the bathroom with our tampons held high, proudly cry at work because we’re strong enough to care, and, without guilt, relish in Mandy Moore in “A Walk To Remember” because it’s a damn good movie.

Most of all, this girl band explores the concept that these well-known women are first and foremost people. Let’s just say, if my vagina were speaking to the Supreme Court it would channel the wise words of Mean Girls’ Regina George and ask, “Why are you so obsessed with me?”