In a future-dystopian world known as Starkam, Eloy, a young survivor of the notorious “black-bagging”, plans to rescue his mother from a government medical facility.

Director’s Statement

I set myself one clear task with this film: “Make a mini blockbuster”. It was probably just an excuse for myself to unleash all my uncontainable ideas, but hopefully I managed to achieve that goal.

The Seditionist initially started out as a feature film idea. I designed the entire world. Everything from the government’s flag, to the map of how all the different sectors are laid out in this world, how the culture varies in each sector, and much more. Realising how vast the idea had become, I decided to condense it down to the short you see here – a story that focuses on survival, and the lengths people will go for the ones they love. We shot this in the best part of 4 days.

The Hunger Games, Children of Men, and V for Vendetta were the big inspirations for this film. I wanted to transport the audience into another world; something completely fictional but relatable.

I love the art of filmmaking and the craft of storytelling, but ultimately the big reason why I make films is to bring you, as an audience member, into the present moment, to be entertained, and to forget everything else for a while. That’s all I can ever hope to do.