“The Pact” follows a young woman through two days of her wearisome life, which is dominated by an unhealthy relationship and a lack of stimulation outside of it. Her sole source of joy is the near constant contact she has with her three closest childhood friends through a text thread, in which she leans on them for entertaining banter, and ultimately for their support as she makes a major life change.

“The Pact” looks at the positive side of technology, focusing on how our ability to stay in touch with people has completely shifted, and how we can keep people who are far away ingrained in our daily lives – from the mundane to the more important issues that arise. It offers a counterpoint to the worn narrative in which technology is vilified – that millennials are consumed by their phones, and that our relationships are distanced because of it. It’s a look at a group of women who feel quite the opposite, and a larger look at the powerful and empowering ways our methods of communication have changed.