To meet an impossible deadline, a clueless illustrator must come face to face with his own creation: the mysterious Mistress of the Forest.

Director’s Statement

It started with the image of a shadowy hooded figure surrounded by trees; a female fantasy hero. And then there was Neil, the comic artist grappling with the task of creating the story for this mysterious character. What if, to finish the project, he had to be transported to her world? This was a chance to explore all the things I loved: fantasy, superheroes and my life long (possibly unhealthy) compulsion to draw dinosaurs. In writing the script I was inspired by my past life as an illustrator. I know the terror of the blank page, the frustration of putting pencil to paper and then failing to reproduce the brilliant image in my head. I have vivid memories of staying up all night, shaking from the lack of sleep and copious amounts of sugar, just to reach a deadline. I took stylistic influences from the films of Edgar Wright and the campiness of Xena: Warrior Princess –crafting a story that was as much an examination of the process of creativity as the tragic absurdity of failure.