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Forever Eddie

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A jaded housewife takes matters into her own hands when her slobbish husband mistreats her precious dog Eddie.

‘Forever Eddie’ is a darkly comic tale that explores the dynamic within an extremely dysfunctional household at breaking point.

Directors Statement

‘Forever Eddie’ is a darkly comic tale that explores the dynamic within an extremely dysfunctional household at breaking point.

I have always been drawn to stories that explore the darker side of our humanity, and more specifically, in finding the humour that lies within. I find that this often comes from everyday situations and relationships that we may find relatable in some shape or form, that then transpire into something more unhinged.

I was particularly interested in exploring a flawed female protagonist, something I don’t see enough of in the mainstream. There is something undeniably fascinating in watching a character losing control and giving into their primal impulses, regardless of the moral implications.

Visually this was a creatively fulfilling piece to work on. Myself and DOP Adrian Musto set out to achieve something visually striking in a relatively bland and everyday location. Essentially we wanted to create a sense of heightened realism, using the cinematography to reflect and emphasise the strained relationship, whilst also keeping it grounded in reality. This was something I also discussed with our sound designer Paulo Costa. All the sounds used within the film existed within the world of the characters. Together we came up with ways to blur the lines between diegetic and non diegetic sound. Creating boundaries in this way certainly forced us to think more creatively.

One of the biggest challenges of making this film was having a dog at the centre of the story. I was warned repeatedly, ‘Never work with children or animals’, however like any determined filmmaker with a story, I of course ignored this advice! Whilst it created many, many, many challenges, in the end it was extremely gratifying. Some people in the post-production team even thought Eddie was a trained dog like Lassie or Toto, but in fact he is just a regular dog, my oldest friends pet Puggle!

I am humbled by the efforts of the fantastic cast and crew that all helped to make this film a reality. It was extremely challenging but ultimately a lot of fun to make. We hope you enjoy watching.

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