Deep in the rusting bowels of the shining city under the sea, a smuggler is questioned by a crooked police chief before the real threat in Rapture emerges.

Director’s Vision

From my first playthrough of Bioshock fifteen years ago, I have been fascinated by the world of Rapture. Not just the horror and sci-fi elements of the game, but also the rich characters and themes that populate the metropolis. From the rise of a utopian dream world, falling to a crumbling dystopia, this story covers every facet of human existence. This short attempts to capture a small snapshot of Rapture on the brink of collapse, where the lines between friend and foe have blurred. With the help of a tremendously talented cast and crew, we shot this film on a low budget in only a couple days and managed to do the impossible. We strongly hope this resonates with fans of the original game and can be appreciated by a wider audience. We hope to continue the legacy of Rapture in the future.