directed by Kelly Walker and Ryan Garcia

The Brownlist: one girl’s journey to becoming diverse…enough

The Brownlist is a comedic satire about race and how the entertainment industry views “diversity”. It’s the story of a girl blessed with two races but seemingly not enough of either to fit in.

Creator’s Statement

As an Afghan-American actress, I continue to find that I’m not ‘girl-next-door’ enough to be the white lead, but not ‘fresh-off-the-camel’ enough to be the brown friend (or burka-clad-wife-of-a-terrorist). I’ve been asked to darken my skin, thicken my accent, and even lie about my ethnicity since being Afghan didn’t count as being “ethnic”. My film is about breaking down stereotypes and re-shaping the way the world sees people from the Mid East. We’re not all dark, brown, hairy, scary, fanatical Muslims that speak with an accent. My arms ARE kind of hairy but that’s about it…