Based on true events, a vulnerable 21 year old food runner (Ashton), finds himself trapped in a compromising situation due to his commitment to provide a rich hotel guest (Steve) with excellent service. Ashton remains dedicated and focused on doing the best job possible, in spite of Steve’s attempts to lure him into something he does not want to do.

Director’s Statement

I felt a deep urge and passion to tell this true story. I wanted to explore themes of loss of innocence, power, manipulation and the ugly truth that so often seems to be happening behind closed doors and kept silent due to victims feeling shame. “Not Me” was my directorial debut, so I had to bite the bullet and find the courage to tell it. This film deals with an extremely sensitive and disturbing subject, but I needed to show how predatory abuse doesn’t just happen to women. I wanted to expand the discussion on predatory abuse and show how these tragic and traumatic experiences can happen to anyone.