A pair of late-night delivery drivers deal with an unforeseen issue en route and must find a resolution before sunrise.

Director’s Vision for ‘Sunny Side Up’

LA is the best city for modern noir, with no shortage of inspiration. On the surface, Sunny Side Up is a mystery crime-thriller, full of twists and turns, but at its core, it’s a story of unrequited love and romanticized expectations conjured up by chance encounters. The film is a love letter to the strange pockets of this town and the people who earn their keep after dark. Long, grueling hours as a late-night delivery driver, inspired this short morality tale. The locations were selected because I’d witnessed nefarious dealings go down there before. This was a return to those spaces to retell my narrative. I wanted to shoot this on 16mm film because there’s a certain grit, authenticity, and timelessness that film naturally lends itself to, especially at night. Due to the constraints of shooting on film, most of this short was done in one take, forcing the cast and crew to be exceptionally dialed in, but the result was nothing short of a miracle.