When Brad orders takeout after his Grindr hookup he gets more than he bargained for when Lucy, a food delivery robot, drops off a baby instead. Paranoid, he drags his roommate into the situation when their nosy neighbor arrives bringing more complications.

Director’s Vision for ‘Lucy’

This film has been a labor of love, and a lifesaver during uncertain times. After a disheartening 2020, my writing partner Daniel and I decided we wanted to work on something that would first and foremost be enjoyable for us as creators, but also a fun yet intriguing experience for our audience. After Daniel had an unexpected encounter with a real life delivery robot, Lucy was born. We wanted to lightly explore the ever growing presence of AI technology in our daily lives, and play with an absurd version of what may happen when this technology falls into the wrong hands. We also wanted to question the idea of personal responsibility in our ever growing reliance on technology. I hope you enjoy watching Lucy as much as I did making it.