Zoe suddenly vanishes off the grid and out of her fiancée Marie’s life, leaving behind one cryptic message via post-it note. Marie searches for answers across social media channels and soon becomes obsessed with discovering the real meaning behind every tweet, email, text, and online profile that is associated with Zoe.

Marie’s best friend, Jesse, supports her mission but seems to be hiding something that could get Marie on the right track before everything spirals out of control. Soon all evidence links Marie to disconnected stories that have both women questioning each other’s motives.

Sugarhiccup is about one woman’s misperception of reality and her subsequent coming apart at the seams, due to the over-analyzation of incomplete information. The film is a satire on our digital world and how we are easily susceptible to blurring the lines between truth and perception. It’s a story about how nonsensical data, social media, and distrust can all lead to destructive decision-making.