Lisa Donato

Foxy Trot // Short Film Trailer

Foxy Trot

A married lesbian couple is unexpectedly faced with their relationship issues when they sign up for a ballroom dance class in Austin, TX.

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The News Today || Short Film Trailer

The News Today

The familiar and mundane moments between two guys in love become precious in an instant. ***A short film inspired by the Orlando tragedy at Pulse Nightclub.***

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Happy Pride 2016

A grassroots video that showcases allies of the LGBTQ community for June PRIDE month & beyond.

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Spunk | Short Film Trailer


Being your sister’s wife’s sperm donor is a heavy load. A brother contemplates fatherhood when his older sister and her free-spirited wife ask him to be their sperm donor.

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Zoe suddenly vanishes off the grid and out of her fiancée Marie’s life, leaving behind one cryptic message via post-it note. Marie searches for answers across social media channels and soon becomes obsessed with discovering the real meaning behind every tweet, email, text, and online profile that is associated with[…]

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