After changes in the atmosphere a man is exploring deep forests, trying to find an answer to the real reason of alien invasion.

Director’s Statement

Horror genre always had it’s up and downs and as a horror film director my work was to watch as many horrors as I can, from the beginning of the cinema until now. There are a lot of great feature length horror films what based their main movie idea not on jump-scares (quite popular this days) but on atmosphere, but mostly short horror films are trying just to give their audience a small jump-scare and then just leave them alone, as for me, my mission while working on this movie was to build an mysterious atmosphere, and let people inside it, so they can enjoy the fear. That is the one of the reasons why I tried not to use to many jump-scare techniques and tried to make a different view on this genre.

In the post-production our team spent a lot of time just counting a seconds and re-watching movie again and again to get the right feel of each shot, so it doesn’t feel to long to get boring, because with every shot we wanted to bring fear to viewers, but not jump-scare with fast cutting style kind of fear, but long paced fear slowly going up and up.

For such a local film I believe the small crew what we had wasn’t a big problem, but it was a great opportunity, because we could make film feel more personal and isolated.