Spring: The Fairest of the Seasons covers the life of a wannabe cowboy (Justin Phillip) as the changing country pulls him away from his ranching aspirations and into WWII, the burgeoning oil industry, and the strange world of ventriloquist dummy peddling. He has to balance his myriad of career paths with his troubled family life and diminishing expectations over the course of five or six, or maybe even seven or eight decades. With shooting locations ranging from the Montana Plains to hand built sets and miniatures shot in garages in Los Angeles, Spring: The Fairest of the Seasons is a visual oddity, a cinematic work of “folk-art” and a darkly humorous tale. Writer and director John Henry Haseltine takes this sprawling epic to surreal levels with vividly stylized sets, one of a kind puppets, and a novel and wry interpretation of man’s place in the American West.