Waves break upon a young woman’s subconscious.

Director’s Statement

We currently live in a time where suicide is on a rise, currently in the US over 44,000 suicides happen each year making suicide the 10th leading cause of death. Its absolutely not a secret that we live in difficult times.

After experiencing this in my family I struggled with confusion and even anger, it wasn’t until I was older did I realize some crucial aspects to mental illness and the spiral of depression.

I wanted to create a film based around how deep seeded depression can be, how a recurring memory or event can make someone do something out of the ordinary. I felt the best way to execute this was to break the mold on a traditional story telling format, I embraced the experimental genre and I let the “experience” take prevalence. We dive deep into a roller coaster that is at the end of its track and I am not there to hold your hand.

I don’t anticipate you to love our film, rather I anticipate you to FEEL our film. That “feeling” is your choice alone. But my goal is to plant a seed into your mind. Walk away from this experience and understand that many of us will never truly understand what depression is, or how to stop it.

Next time you are out, smile at your neighbor, compliment a stranger. Remember your loved ones, reach out to them, you never know what someone is going through. Depression destroys lives, lets do our part to repair them before they break.

Feel free to reach out to me on your interpretation of the film. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for engaging our little film.

Special thank you to our amazing crew that woke up at 3am to make our crazy call time, you all worked so hard.
Special thank you to our amazing talent for being wet and cold at 4am in the Pacific Ocean for us.
Special thank you to those who believe and support me in this never ending endeavor to tell stories.

I sincerely thank you,

Fun Fact

The film originally started as a lens test and slowly developed into the story presented.

The lens used for this piece was a Frankenstein anamorphic setup built by the Director: it consisted of a Helios 44m as a taking lens which was then attached to a Sankor 16c 2x anamorphic lens (which was taken from a projector) which was then attached to a SLR Magic Rangefinder for focus. This proved to be a challenge, as this setup wielded a true anamorphic 2x squeeze but has a terrible minimum focus distance. So majority of the bathroom scenes had to be done carefully in order to get a semi sharp image. Our DP Austin Sabado had to squeeze himself into the small corners of the bathroom in order to operate. We could not have pulled these moments off with out the amazing performance of Summer Wagner.