In an atmosphere of constant abuse a woman has to take care of her baby and her sick father. A sudden tragedy followed by the lack of sleep shatters her mental state.

Director’s Statement

I read the short story by Chekov when I was very young. It was part of our literature class program in school and I remember the silence and shock everyone was in after reading it. I couldn’t even breath, being so afraid of what was coming next. That was the moment for me when I realized I wanted to put it on screen. I was nursing and caring this idea for years until the moment I actually realized it now. I understood that I had to bring it to the modern days. It’s different from the original, but still bares the most important ideas for me: In an unfortunate society even the most innocent person can end up doing something he would’ve never done. This theme is very important for me.

I see myself and other people in all three of the main characters somtimes every day. The feebleness and “given up” state of Norah when she accepts what’s happening to her. The drunk fury and anger which has no control and no reason that is depicted in Leo. And the helplessness of the Father figure, when sometimes for one or another reason the only thing you can do is just watch and not being able to engage or change anything.

This is my first short film and I was very lucky with the people I’ve met. Being a young filmmaker in a foreign country, shooting something like this is challenging, but I was blessed with the people I worked with who helped and supported me and each others, and together we were able to create this short film, “Sleep”.