Soror is a poignant drama that explores the lives and relationships of two half-sisters; Grace, insular and shy but a talented dancer; and Lisa, who dreams of escaping the confines of their upbringing. The close relationship shared by the sisters is the most important part of their lives; the only thing that truly means anything. But when life threatens to take them in separate directions, they must both find the strength to pursue their individual goals.

Director’s Statement

One of the amazing things the short film format allows you to do is experiment, and Soror was very much a creative experiment for me. Having already made a number of shorts where every detail was planned to within an inch of its life, I wanted to push myself as a filmmaker and try something a little different. Although the film had a script, which clearly laid out the story scene-by-scene, the dialogue is entirely improvised, giving the actors space to really play with the scenes and their characters. The same went for the camera work, where locations were lit rather than individual shots. This meant everyone had tremendous freedom, giving the whole film a naturalistic feel that could never have been planned. As a director, I learnt a great deal making this film, especially working with such an amazingly talented cast and crew. As a result, Soror is probably the most personal piece of work I’ve made so far.