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A twisted man is tormented by his personified scruples.

Director’s Vision

The film is based on a persona invented by music artist Butch Warns, aka Zaehler, a twisted man whose scientific genius and curiosity for the unknown lead him to places where absolute truth is absent. I was inspired by Butch’s thoughts behind his techno tracks and took the recurring theme of Morality and his dark alter-ego Zaehler to write a script.

We soon figured that Butch must play Zaehler in the film (his first ever performance in front of the camera) and that we want to use dance to personify his Scruples – my background being choreography.

I then found a link between our film concept and Dante’s Inferno, so I placed Zaehler in the vestibule of hell, the place for the indecisive. Torn between good and evil, they are eternally tormented by insect-like angels, which in turn inspired the movement design.

Whether Zaehler has blood on his hands and is punished for his evil actions, or whether temptation is forcing him to explore his darkest urges, remains for you to decide.