Before a witness recantation led to his immediate exoneration and release, Rickey spent four decades in prison for a murder he did not commit. Lonelyleap presents Send Me Home, a 360° documentary of Rickey Jackson, one of the longest-serving exonerees in U.S. history, in his surreal, new life post-prison.

Director’s Statement

Send Me Home invites participants to take a journey in 360°, as Rickey grants us entry into his private world, guiding us through time gone, family known and the spaces he lovingly embraces today. We wanted Send Me Home to urge participants to reflect on the expanse of our own lives in relation to the time Rickey has lost. We hope that this story of injustice, of time and opportunity lost, will shine a light on the larger systemic issues within our criminal justice system—a flawed system that can not always protect innocent people or their timelines. In experimenting with the juxtaposition of abstract spaces from Rickey’s past, dreams states and the concrete places he takes pleasure in today, our hope was to create a documentary that allows participants to experience the suppleness of time. As the participants moves between being a guest in Rickey’s home to being a guest in Rickey’s mind, they’re able to question their personal role and responsibility within a decidedly private place. Ultimately, we hope through the use of 360°, Send Me Home encourages the active interrogation of the structures that have failed Rickey Jackson and the countless others currently navigating the criminal justice system today.